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We are providng inhouse development, building teams from scratch, working by following solid principles and edge technologies.

Gap analyses and process improvement

Providing process analyses and improving quality metrics and quality of the product. Introducing quality control activities, quality management and metrics.

Expand your product to the newest heights

Implementing Continious Integration and Delivery. Automate your workflow and your tests.

Fast Lane Soft Ltd. Services

Quality Assurance

  • Providing process analysis

  • Improving quality metrics and quality of the product/s

  • Introducing quality control activities, quality management
    and metrics

  • Implementing CI and CD / Automation of workflows and tests

  • Automating workflows

  • Jenkins jobs and slaves’ configuration

  • Introduction of automated tests on all levels

Development and consulting

  • WebApi v2

  • ASP.Net Core MVC and SignalR

  • Azure Cloud Services, Azure SQL Server, Azure Service Bus, Azure Service Fabric

  • Octopus Deploy

  • WCF

  • TSql, MSSQL, EntityFramework / DataAccess, ADO.NET

  • WPF, XAML and the windows application stack

Our Team

Peter Sabev


Borislav Vaptsarov



Providing the highest level of services required for our customers' needs through specialists who can exceed your expectations!

Who are we?

We are an inspired team of specialists in different spheres of the IT.


Peter has built our QA team from scratch. Even today, five years later, the team remained sustainable and well-performing.

Dr. Pavlin Dobrev

Bosch Innovations

Borislav has automated around 80% of the back-end tests in 3 months for a major product in our company. He used best practices in tests automation and development so his work can be re-used by other units which lead to great increase of the value of his work.

Georgi Gocev


Experienced in the following Industries

Online Gambling
Data Analytics
Software Development

Our Work

Our professionals have vast experience working and consulting in industries such as